Friday, May 30, 2014

Cindy Hill has a manifesto and a little red book

Cindy Hill may be a commie.

She has a “little red book” just like Chairman Mao. She has written a “manifesto” just like Karl Marx.

So wazzup with Cindy?

She’s running for governor against the Republican incumbent, Matt Mead, and another Repub challenger, Taylor Haynes, a physician, rancher and Tea Party fave.

At least they’re not commies.

My kids and my nieces and nephews and all of their fellow travelers may not know what a commie is. They probably don’t even know what a “fellow traveler” is. No, it has nothing to with travel. It has everything to do with hanging out with commies, traveling in the same circles. If it quacks like a duck…

And so on.

Monday's CasperStar-Tribune explored Ms. Hill’s little red book and manifesto. The newspaper found some inaccuracies in Hill's online manifesto, which is hardly surprising when it comes to our Superintendent of Public Instruction. Remember that when she ran in 2010 she argued for the teaching of creationism side-by-side with evolution. She must believe that the dinos, such as our very own Allosaurus, accompanied our human ancestors as they searched the high prairie for edible plants and small game.

Prehistoric Man: What do you think, Al. Should I eat this pretty plant?

Al O. Saurus (rolling his eyes): Sure, man, it’s not poisonous.

Prehistoric Man eats plant, keels over and dies.

Al: Silly man. This race of cretins is never going to make it. The dinosaurs shall inherit the earth.

That’s the thing about dinos – they had brains the size of walnuts. We had much bigger brains and survived, leading to today’s Republicans who don’t believe in global warming because… well, just because.

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