Sunday, March 02, 2014

Q: Where is God? A: God is everywhere!

From the Baltimore Cathechism:
Q: Where is God?
A: God is everywhere
That was an easy one to memorize. It also gave us kids food for thought.

Is God in me?
God is everywhere

Is God in a tree?
God is everywhere

Is God in that Muslim over there?
God is everywhere

And so on.  

Is God really everywhere?
How many times do I have to answer this? Yes and yes. It's just difficult to see his actions among some groups of people.

Such as in the Wyoming Legislature.

Bob Kisken of Glenrock wrote on the topic recently in a letter to the editor in the Casper Star-Trib. His conclusion:
I see where the Wyoming legislature has refused to raise the minimum wage and to extend Medicaid coverage.

I see no evidence of God in the Wyoming Legislature.
Pronouncements uttered by the more conservative legislators do make me wonder. Their lack of empathy for those in need is quite remarkable.

Hey, I'm no saint.  I cast aspersions. I covet and hate and envy.

But I don't publicly profess sainthood and then act otherwise.


RobertP said...

Preach it Mike!

Michael Shay said...

As the Moody Blues said, "Isn't life strange?"

RobertP said...

And as the Grateful Dead said "What a long strange trip it's been"


Michael Shay said...

The Dead knew their stuff.