Sunday, July 07, 2013

Leader of Fremont County Dems and Rep. Tim Stubson to spar over Vacation Theft Act

This bit of news comes from the Fremont County Democrats:
Monday at 8 AMish, Fremont County Democratic Party Chair, Bruce Palmer, will be on radio KVOW AM 1450 talking with John Vincent about the Enrolled Act 37, the Vacation Theft Act. Also scheduled to appear is the bill's sponsor, Representative Tim Stubson.

It should be interesting hearing Rep. Stubson explain why taking a workers earned, accrued vacation is actually positive for the worker.
Don't think we can get KVOW in Southeast Wyo. Try this Internet link.

For some background from a Dem POV, read Pete Gosar's "An Unprovoked Attack on Wyoming Workers" in today's Star-Trib

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