Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cheyenne Sunday gardening review

Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes on the vine. I've had particularly good luck with this variety.  The Ailsa Craigs are looking good too.
A bunch of greens
My tomato patch with petunias
Packman broccoli with petunias and columbines
One plays it cautiously this time of year. Gardening on the high plains comes with myriad dangers. Hail can fall when cumulonimbus clouds blow in from the Laramie Range. Weather reports yesterday carried warnings of hail and we have the same today. Two years ago my tomatoes were decimated by one of these monsoon season storms. I've harvested lots of greens and some Major variety broccoli already. The waiting game continues. Meanwhile, I enjoy the greening of my backyard.


RobertP said...


Very nice and I notice you have the exact same green plastic fence around your tomatoes as I do. I have picked 3 tomatoes so far, 2 Supersonic and one heirloom (lost the tag, not sure the exact name). Also have some sweet peppers and cantaloupe.


Michael Shay said...

Not surprised, you living in the Missouri tropics and all. Cantaloupe? I've never even tried that. We do get some great cantaloupe from Rocky Ford, Colo., in August.