Thursday, May 30, 2013

This writer wants to know: Have you ever read a short story on a smartphone or tablet?

As a presenter at the annual Wyoming Writers, Inc., conference June 7-9 in Laramie, I see that the schedule has me concurrent with two heavy hitters: Novelist and mystery writer Margaret Coel and nonfiction author Tom Rea. Margaret writes the very cool Wind River mysteries and Tom has written about the famous "Bone Wars" that were fought partially in Wyoming and a great book about the religious kerfuffle that erupted over Wyoming's Devil's Gate site. Tom's also an award-winning poet and one-time small press publisher.

I do have kind of a cool topic for my presentation: "Short Stories on Small Screens." Here's a description:
Mike will discuss the latest markets for short stories –- smart phones and tablets. Learn writing techniques that will enliven your stories to make them more marketable to outlets such as Kindle Singles and Byliner.
Read the full conference schedule here

I might try to boost attendance by staging a giveaway. Win an iPad! Win an e-book by Tom Rea! Go to dinner with Margaret Coel!

I'm not above stooping to such tactics. Problem is, I'm not sure if Apple or Tom or Margaret will donate to the cause. That means I'll have to fork over some dough for prizes and I'll be broke and probably have to hock my laptop.

I'll just have to take my chances. Meanwhile, you're invited to take a short poll (see right sidebar).

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