Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wyoming Dems plan ballot referendum to repeal Republican unpaid wages bill


This comes from the Casper Star-Tribune:
The state Democratic party’s Central Committee will push a ballot referendum to repeal a new law on payment of unpaid wages on grounds it is detrimental to Wyoming employees. House Bill 79 was sponsored by Rep. Tim Stubson, R-Casper, and is known as the “Collection of Unpaid Wages” bill. 
The bill changed the statute that authorized the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services to determine and collect claims for unpaid wages on behalf of employees. 
It changed the definition of wages to exclude the value of vacation time accrued at the time of an employee’s termination if the employer’s written policies provide for forfeiture of accrued vacation upon termination, and those policies are acknowledged in writing by the employee. 
The bill passed the House 45-14 and the Senate 19-11, with Democrats in both houses voting no. 
Republican Gov. Matt Mead signed the bill into law. It goes into effect July 1.
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