Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Second-to-last Cheyenne Winter Farmers Market set for this Saturday

There are only two more Winter Farmers Markets "inside the sunny and cozy lobby of the Historic Train Depot Museum in downtown Cheyenne," which is how the monthly press release puts it. During Cheyenne winters, I am always pleased to shop in a sunny and cozy place. Even when it's not officially winter any more, as it is now, I prefer sunny and cozy to cloudy and blustery.

The next market will be held this Saturday, April 6, May 4, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Here are some of this Saturday's offerings:
  • Gourmet local mushrooms
  • Fresh yogurt
  • Farm-fresh eggs, goat and sheep cheese
  • Gourmet pastas, flavored oils and vinegars
  • Locally roasted fair-trade coffee and herbal teas
  • Fresh breads and home-baked treats
  • Locally made chocolates and candies
  • Grass-fed beef, lamb, and bison, free-range chickens, pork, goat's meat
  • Locally produced jams, honey, and Amish-style peanut butter
  • Take-home BBQ, bratwurst, cabbage burgers, chowders and bisque, smoked wild-caught salmon
  • Soup mixes, rubs, and dip mixes
  • Natural, locally-produced body care products
  • Hand-crafted jewelry, cutting boards, cards, and other hand-made crafts
Some of this stuff I can no longer eat, due to a heart condition. The chocolate-covered bacon is out, as is the BBQ and the handmade tamales. Mushrooms are in, as are all of the grass-fed meats and craft pastas and vinegars. And I can buy arts and crafts until the grass-fed cows come home.

Acoustic Celtic and folk music to shop by will be performed by Dave Kramer and Steve Scott.      

For more information about the market, please contact Kim Porter, kim.porter@wyo.gov, or Cindy Ridenour, cindyr@meadowmaidfoods.com.   

P.S.: Can't wait until summer!

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