Thursday, March 07, 2013

Republican Sequester brings pain to Wyoming

Sequester causes cuts in funding for special needs students:

Mayors from communities around Yellowstone National Park have petitioned Gov. Mead to use state funds to plow the park's roads so it will open on time for tourist season. Yellowstone's budget has been cut by more than $1.5 million due to sequestration. The Governor wonders why the state should have to spend money for federal obligations:

Cheyenne Airport may have to shutter its air traffic control tower:


Anonymous said...

Your blog would be more meaningful if you were accurate and not biased. The sequester was President Obama's idea. The congress signed off on it; and President Obama signed it. As usual, Obama simply though he could "Talk" his B.S. and he would never be called on it. Well, he was wrong. That's what happens when all you want to do is spend and raise taxes and are unwilling to cut spending on waste.

Michael Shay said...

You Republicans are hilarious. Rep. Paul Ryan, loser in the most recent election, floated a new budget today which comes right out of Right Wing La-La Land. Americans want a mix of reasonable spending cuts and revenue. That's the strategy of Pres. Obama and the Democrats. Not sure what Ryan and the Repubs are thinking, if they are thinking at all.