Sunday, March 10, 2013

If Sen./Dr. Barrasso isn't going to legislate, he can at least medicate at Wyoming health centers hit by sequestration cuts

Sen./Dr. John Barrasso, Sen. Mike Enzi and Rep./Gazillionaire Cynthia Lummis don't have to depend on the Cheyenne Health and Wellness Center on Fox Farm Road for medical and dental care. They get free care courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. But hundreds of other southeast Wyoming residents are not as fortunate. These low-income individuals will be impacted by the sequestration cuts soon to hit the Cheyenne center and a similar one in Casper, Community Health Center of Central Wyoming. Since both Enzi and Lummis call Cheyenne home during their many vacay days, and Barrasso is from Casper, perhaps they could look in on some of the people who will be affected by their dilly-dallying and political gamesmanship. Better yet, maybe Dr. Barrasso could take some time out of his lackadaisical schedule to minister to those Casper folks needing sutures or prescriptions. If he isn't going to legislate, he could at least medicate. Read about the cuts in today's Casper Star-Trib.

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