Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rep. Sue Wallis's Food Freedom Act makes sense

Hummingbirdminds supports Rep. Sue Wallis's Food Freedom Act (from Wyoming Business Report):
This week, the Wyoming House of Representatives passed the Food Freedom Act.
The sponsor of that House Bill 108, Rep. Sue Wallis, a Republican from Recluse, said the legislation will open up local commerce and help small business. 
HB 108 would deregulate the sale of homemade foods at such things as farmers markets and in individual transactions between producers and consumers.
Wallis said if all 200,000 or so households in Wyoming spent just $20 a week on locally grown food, more than $200 million would be pumped into the Cowboy State economy. That money will turn over at least three or four times in the economies of cities, towns and counties, she said economic studies show.

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