Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rep. Filer speaks out about HB79: "I believe that this legislation wages war on every employee in Wyoming"

The Wyoming Democratic Party's legislative update from yesterday contained more info about Rep. Tim Stubson's HB79. I wrote about this bill on Feb. 5 -- read the post here. This anti-worker bill passed the House and will be considered soon by the Senate. Here's more from the WDP's legislative update:
HB 79 Collection of Unpaid Wages: This is an example of legislation that is worded to imply the opposite of what the law would actually do. The bill amends Wyoming statute to exclude any accrued vacation wages from owed wages at termination if the employer states in writing that is their policy. Representative Lee Filer spoke out against this legislation stating "I believe this is legislation that wages war on every employee in Wyoming." It's currently on General File in the Senate. The Wyoming Democratic Party strongly opposes this bill. 

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Way to go Rep Filer!