Saturday, February 23, 2013

Many of us in Wyoming are just one emergency surgery away from ruin

Many of us are a couple paychecks away from ruin. Throw in an emergency surgery and lack of adequate medical insurance, you have a crisis on your hands. This dispatch comes from fellow prog-blogger Meg Lanker-Simons in Laramie:
One of our Bucking Jennys, Meg at Cognitive Dissonance, is recovering from emergency surgery. Like many of us, Meg is underinsured and a member of the working poor. She and her husband will be facing some stiff medical expenses. You've enjoyed her biting editorials on this page, show her some love here if you're able:
Meg writes that she now has 40,000 followers on Tumblr. That's an impressive number and illustrates how active this indie blogger is on her site. That's the thing -- some of the most interesting content on the web can be found on the blogs of creative people such as Meg. She writes and rants and has her own progressive radio show, not an easy task in Wyoming. But none of this brings in money. That's the blogger's lament, no matter the political bent or passion. We do it because we can't help ourselves. It's a creative outlet too, and unbridled blogging can take you to some amazing places. Meg was blogging at the Republican National Convention in Tampa last year, and at Netroots Nation in Providence.

To keep her  going, I'm kicking in a few bucks. I suggest you do the same.

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Meg Lanker-Simons said...

Thank you, Michael! Compadres like you are a marvelous lifesaver!