Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kerry Drake on Wyofile: Governor and Republican legislators blew it when they killed Medicaid expansion

On Wyofile, veteran Wyoming journalist Kerry Drake takes a long, hard look at the Medicaid expansion question in Wyoming:
Facts, common sense, what’s good for the people — they all fly out the window when some conservative Wyoming politicians are determined to show how much they distrust the federal government. 
It’s happened many times before, but never to the absurd level it did when Gov. Matt Mead and 22 state senators killed Medicaid expansion in Wyoming this session. 
No matter how one looks at the issue, they blew it — far worse than most people realize.
Read the entire sordid tale here. Progressive blogger Rodger McDaniel at Blowing in the Wyoming Wind has been writing about this issue for months. Check out his columns here

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