Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where to go for updates on bills before the 62nd Wyoming Legislature

Interested in tracking all of the bills in this legislative session? From A-Z, from the ridiculous to the sublime? Go to the Wyoming Legisweb Bill Tracker.

If you're interested in those bills affecting public employees, go to the Wyoming Public Employees Association web site.

Wyofile provides daily updates on the legislature. Go here.

The Casper Star-Tribune does the best job covering the Lege of any of the state's newspapers. OK, others do a pretty good job but the CST has the best web site.

What about bloggers? You can find info about hot issues on the WY Progressives blogroll on this blog's right sidebar. Marriage equality will be a hot topic next week. Medicaid expansion is another one. Revamping the Dept of Ed has been a big issue since the start of the session Jan. 8.

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