Wednesday, January 30, 2013

House reps need to hear from us today in support of Domestic Partners Rights and Responsibilities Act

The Domestic Partners Rights and Responsibilities Act (HB168) will have its first reading in the Wyoming House today. Jeran Artery at Out in Wyoming posted an action alert last night, urging supporters to e-mail their reps in support of equality in The Equality State. The fundies have apparently been very busy contacting their reps with the same hateful and exclusionary messages they spewed at the committee hearings on Monday. Don't let the haters win. Imagine the good vibes and national recognition Wyoming will receive by taking this giant step for equality. And what a signal we would send to the rest of the world about acceptance and diversity. This isn't an exclusive LGBT issue. It's also about family and friends and fairness. Get more info at Out in Wyoming. The list of Wyoming House members can be found here.

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