Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Big equality vote next week in The Equality State

Jeran Artery at Out in Wyoming writes about next week's votes for equality in The Equality State. Jeran names name and challenges us all to contact our reps on the Corporations Committee. These are good people who can be reached with persuasive, cogent arguments from constituents. However, they often represent rural conservative constituencies. This is when you see a clash between fundie anti-gay arguments and Wyoming's live-and-let-live traditions. You just never know... There will be a rally at 11 a.m. at the Capitol on Monday. Get more info here. Stay active. Use those e-mails and smartphones to make these people accountable:
We are ready to rock and roll with Marriage Equality (HB169) and Domestic Partnerships (HB168) here in Wyoming. These two bills have been assigned to the Corporations Committee in the House of Representatives.  They are going to be heard at noon on Monday, January 28th.
All of the committee member names below are linked to take you to their legislative website.  The website contains phone and email contact information. 
Here are my notes on what you can do to help:
Madam Chairwoman Rosie Berger,  Needs lobbied.  Needs emails from across the state and especially from LGBT residents and allies living in Sheridan County.  Could become friendly but is going to take some work.
Rep. Gregg Blikre  I spoke with Rep Blikre this morning and he doesn't know where he stands.  He said he wants to hear all the arguments and make a decision from there.  So please email him and ask him for support, especially if you live in Gillette or Campbell county.  Again, I think we can get his support but he needs to hear from all of us.
Rep. Dan Kirkbride  I spoke with Rep. Kirkbride this morning and he said he is a probably a no vote on both bills.  He doesn't think his constituents in Platte County are favorable. Personally I know Rep. Kirkbride and he is good man.  I expressed how important these are to me personally and he promised to keep an open mind a listen to our arguments.  He really needs to hear from LGBT members and allies in Platte County.
Rep. Jerry Paxton  I have not had a chance to visit with him yet.  I'm hearing that he is moderate and persuadable.  His district includes parts of Albany, Sweetwater, and Carbon Counties.  Emails and phone calls of support would be great.
Rep. Gerald Gay  A 100% no vote.  Don't waste your time on lobbying efforts.  This is the guy that publicly stated on the house floor that out of respect to his last name "we should call these people what they are, homosexual sodomites... not gay."
Rep. James (Jim) Byrd  100% yes vote.  Co-sponsor of both bills.
Rep. Matt Greene 100% yes vote.  Co-sponsor of Domestic Partnerships and supports marriage equality.
Rep. Ruth Ann Petroff 100% yes vote.  Also co-sponsor of both bills and an absolute delight to work with.
Rep. Dan Zwonitzer 100% yes vote. Co-sponsor of both bills and a tremendous ally.
Much more here.

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