Sunday, December 16, 2012

Meditations on cloudy December afternoon

Odd and ends on a cloudy December Sunday (as the Broncos lead the Ravens 34-17 in Baltimore):

The always interesting Larry Kurtz at Interested Party offers more info on Menards and its right-wing owner. The Cheyenne store isn't open yet, but it's not too early to plan not to shop there.

All 31 pro-gun U.S. Senators refuse to appear on Meet the Press. Funny, but our Sen. Barrasso usually isn't camera-shy. Go here to see how much he and Cynthia Lummis received from the NRA during their 2012 reelection campaigns.

Senate Dems plan to introduce assault weapons ban in the new year. 

SNL opens last night's show with a "Silent Night" sung by a children's choir.

My beautiful daughter sings in the LCCC Choir's Christmas concert, "Unto Us a Child is Born."


RobertP said...


Thanks for the Menard's link, had no idea. They just announced they were going to open a Menard's near me, but it is now delayed.

Hope it is delayed forever. Besides, we have a Lowe's and Home Depot nearby. When I can I go to Nuts and Bolts which is locally owned and has great people.


Michael Shay said...

Nuts and Bolts? Sounds cool. I'm not sure about the politics of Lowe's, but they are a helpful bunch at our store.