Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bucking Jenny questions Rep. Lummis and her vote on Senate version of Violence Against Women Act

Bucking Jenny is one of the members of the WY Progressives' blogroll, a loose confederation of Wyoming prog-bloggers (see right sidebar). Author of the blog is Sarah Zacharias and she has penned a fine open letter to Wyoming Rep. Cynthia Lummis. Sarah wonders why Rep. Lummis is not supportive of the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act. The Liberals Unite site has reprinted the letter and it's getting a lot of online attention. Go read it at Liberals Unite or at Bucking Jenny. While at Bucking Jenny, please make a supportive comment and contribute a couple bucks to the cause. Here's a sample of the letter:
Miss Lummis, I understand that your party pressures you to make absurd votes like this. I understand that our system doesn’t always make it easy to do the right thing. The fact is that you have to stop and ask yourself what motivation you have to vote against the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act. Are you afraid of stepping away from the party line?
Fine letter, Sarah. It will be interesting to see the reply, if there is one. 

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