Thursday, November 22, 2012

93rd Wyoming Legislature: Group of mostly old, white Republican guys decide the fate of the state

On Wyofile, Lander writer Geoff O'Gara ponders the upcoming legislative session:
How do we get you interested in the 93rd Wyoming Legislature, in which 90 mostly old, mostly male, mostly white, mostly Republican, mostly you’ve-never-heard-of-them elected representatives convene in the Capitol in Cheyenne for eight weeks of parliamentary playtime beginning in January? They gather to pass laws or defeat bills that will do everything from putting the State Treasury behind private industry pipelines, to dictating what question your teenager has to answer to prove she’s learning something in the eighth grade, to buying Wyoming an aircraft carrier.
Aircraft carrier in high-and-dry Wyoming? Yes, dear readers, the purchase of one was contemplated during last year's session. It arose from legislation that called for Wyoming to be prepared for an impending Armageddon (e.g., the reelection of Barack Obama). Bloggers of all political stripes had fun with that one. See my posts from last year here and here

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