Monday, October 08, 2012

Suite 1901 is new addition to Art Design & Dine art walk

Cheyenne's Art Design & Dine has added a new location, Suite 1901 at 1901 Central Avenue. Not surprising, as the bar/restaurant is now under new management and has a new mission. Four quilters will be exhibiting their work in the downstairs banquet area. The show opens with an artist’s reception on Thursday, Oct 11, from 5-8 p.m. Artist's statements below.

Joy Torelli

Joy Torelli – My artistic focus with my art quilts is to use bold, saturated colors and make them vibrate against each other.  I also like to use common images, like fish or flowers, and embellish them to transform them into new and exciting fiber art.  I use several techniques, such as printing photos on fabric and then stitching with thread or applying decorative yarns and paints. Another process is to take an image like a fish and use various fabrics, yarns, threads, beads, and other embellishments to produce an other-worldly, flamboyant fish.  I also like to experiment with new techniques, such as fabric “ruching”  to give three dimensions to flowers on the surface of the piece.

Judy Gilmore

Judy Gilmore – I think life is too complicated. Too much input, with no place to send it. And, it isn’t that there is anything I’d want to miss out on…just a fact…life is too complicated. Therefore, I find that my approach to art means I am going to simplify and organize my subject at every turn. It is kind of a game for me to make things less overwhelming. Working in series is appealing to me. Laying down some “restrictions” to follow and creating within those restrictions seems to open doors to my creativity rather than shut them. For example, only using four values of one color to create portraits changes my focus and is very liberating to me. It is probably because of my innate desire to simplify and organize this “too complicated life” that is such a part of me.

Esther Trevino Neasloney

Esther Trevino-Neasloney – I started quilting in the early 70′s mainly in the traditional aspect. It’s only been in the past few years that I have become involved in Contemporary Art quilting. Although I still enjoy the complexity and precision which is involved with traditional quilting, I prefer art quilting because it allows the artist to break the rules and  “think out of the box” when creating a piece. An art quilt can reflect a quilter’s idea or thought in an unusual or whimsical way. Contemporary art quilting can involve the use of many different forms of media which at times can be a challenge. The whole process can be a challenge but the end results are always an art piece that is “One of a Kind”.

Patricia Messer

Patricia J. Messer  – As a fiber artist I like to challenge myself to recreate something I admire or find fascinating. Then Ibegin with the basic idea and let the project guide me as it takes on a life of its own. I incorporate traditional quilting methods with different art techniques to capture the spirit of the quilt.

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