Monday, September 10, 2012

Depression Lies!

This is one of the posters designed by Laramie's Felicia Follum to mark World Suicide Prevention Day (today) and Suicide Awareness Week. She had this to say about this this poster: "Depression Lies: This poster is in response to the negatives we believe about ourselves. Sometimes we need tough love and someone to tell us that we are worthy of the best. The TRUTH is you are special; to believe you are anything less than beautiful and wonderful is to believe a lie." To this, I add that depression does lie and that very often, it doesn't respond to tough talk or even kindness alone. Those can help, depending on the person, but don't forget that depression is a physical illness that responds to antidepressant medication, although they take weeks and often months to work. So, my advice to my fellow sufferers of melancholia, is this: TALK, EXERCISE AND TAKE YOUR MEDS!

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