Monday, August 20, 2012

Vote on Tuesday, Aug. 21

Reminder: Tomorrow is election day. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wyoming allows you to register at the polls and/or change your party affiliation, if you so desire. Let's face it -- there are more choices on the R side of the ballot than there are on the D side.

What's at stake? Contested races for city council and county commissioner. State Legislature primary races and one U.S. Senate and one U.S. House seat. Lots and lots of sixth penny tax proposals.

I plan on voting for all of the sixth penny proposals, with the possible exception of the recreation center (Proposition 1). The rec center seems the least important, and one that will take shape after all of the other infrastructure projects on the ballot are completed. Is a new facility for plants (Cheyenne Botanic Gardens) more important than one for people? The Botanic Gardens is a city treasure, one that promotes the health and well-being of flora and fauna, even big fauna such as humans. It's one that is brought up over and over again as one of those "amenities" that make Cheyenne a great place to live. Cheyenne outgrew its original Botanic Gardens building at least a decade ago. It's time to get with it. The new building will have more room for plants and research and more room for people in the form of meeting rooms.

Go vote tomorrow, if you haven't already. Be a citizen. Do your duty. And if I hear you complaining after the election, whining that the rec center or Botanic Gardens or airport terminal or flood control project is a waste of money, I will ask you if you voted. If you did, then we have something to discuss. If you didn't, I'm not talking to you. I don't mind whiners, as long as you're a voting whiner.

If you're confused about polling places, go to the Laramie County Clerk's web site at There's a cool little search box where you only have to type in your street address to find the correct polling place.

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