Sunday, August 19, 2012

Citizens for a Better Wyoming: "Time to vote no on Bob Brechtel"

Citizens for a Better Wyoming has been running radio spots during morning air time on KTWO and KWYY in Natrona County. They oppose Rep. Bob Brechtel, a Republican legislator who tends to end up on the right-wing fringes of his party's votes. "Too extreme for Wyoming" -- as the radio ad says. Listen for the spots between 6-10 a.m. on "My Country 95.5" FM (KWYY) and KTWO, 1030 AM, which broadcasts country music and talk shows such as Rush Limbaugh throughout the state.

Here's the text for one of the short but pithy spots:
Bob Brechtel likes to vote no.
He voted no on kindergarten readiness.
He voted no on dyslexia and literacy screening.
He voted no on stronger punishments for domestic violence.
He voted no on open public records.
Bob Brechtel is too extreme for Wyoming.
It's time to vote no on Bob Brechtel.

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