Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wanted: Wyoming scenic vistas to showcase at Democratic National Convention

Imagine if there were as many active Democrats in Wyoming as there are scenic vistas. This request for Wyoming photos comes from Ricky Kirshner, Executive Producer for the 2012 Democratic National Convention (via Wyoming Democratic Party web site):

On behalf of the Democratic National Convention Committee, the Wyoming Democratic Party has been asked to contact you to secure photographic imagery showcasing Wyoming. This photography will be incorporated into the large video screens used during the upcoming convention. The producers of the screen content have requested the following type and format of photography:
"State photography should include wide landscapes, iconic locations and scenic panoramas. The state should provide imagery as high resolution still photography in one of the following format options: JPEG, PSD, TIFF”

We want to provide the producers with "approved" photography void of rights issues and licensing costs. By submitting said photography you acknowledge that you have the authority to do so and indemnify the DNCC and RK Corporate Productions for its use of the photos as indicated herein.

Photos can be uploaded to the following ftp site:
username – stateimagery
password – dnc (all lowercase)
*Click on the name of the folder that represents your state or territory, then use the File Upload protocol on the left side of the page to upload up to 10 files at a time.  For best results when uploading several photos, compress the photos into one zip file and upload the one zipped file

Please contact Juli Pritchard at 323-219-9974 or to coordinate this effort or to answer any questions you may have. The deadline for receipt of your state's photography is Tuesday, July 31, 2012.  We want to make sure each state is represented visually at the upcoming convention so please make this request a priority. We look forward to receiving your imagery and to helping you coordinate this effort.

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