Saturday, July 07, 2012

So where is Wyoming's Health Exchange?

Ever since the SCOTUS ruling on the Affordable Care Act, healthcare topics have been back in the headlines -- with a vengeance. Rodger McDaniel writes today about the Wyoming Health Exchange, and why it's important that the state's lawmakers get busy on this issue. They've already wasted a lot of time in the hopes that the Supreme Court would make the ACA magically disappear. That didn't happen!
Governor Mead earned his spurs opposing the Affordable Care Act. So when he says it's now time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, the Legislature should listen.
Are you listening, Republican-dominated Legislature? I have my doubts...

And Barb Rea of Casper reminds us on Facebook that there will be a public forum about healthcare and Medicaid expansion on Tuesday, July 10, 5-7 p.m., at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne. The stakes are high.
If Wyoming decides to opt out of the Medicaid expansion 30,000 low income adults will be left again, with no where to go for insurance contributing to the same cost drviers that are plaguing the entire system. The state is conducting surveys about "the cost drivers of Medicaid and evaluate design options for Medicaid programs mandated by the ACA" (whatever that means).
Whatever that means. That's the problem, isn't it? These are complicated yet crucial issues. Get out to the forum and make your voice heard.

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