Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Petersen: Diverse voices needed in Wyoming Legislature

Giving a voice to the people, especially minority groups, is what prompted Kathleen Petersen's run in state House District 8. 
She hopes to increase the number of women and Democrats in the Wyoming Legislature to offer a more balanced mix of perspectives, she said. 
“I just feel for a good, balanced government, you need to hear from more than one demographic.”
That one demographic is old (or aging) conservative white guys. I have nothing against aging legislators, it's just their calcified brains and hardened hearts that piss me off. So, if we can just get a few more women or minorities or just-plain Democrats in the Legislature, we'll be light years ahead of where we are now, which is somewhere in the Triassic Era.

I especially welcome Kathleen's District 8 bid. That's my district. We used to have a woman legislator representing us -- Lori Millin. Our current rep, Repub Bob Nicholas, is another predictable Republican with predictably bad voting patterns.

Take a serious look at Kathleen for the upcoming election. Read the WTE profile at above link.

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Anonymous said...

Kathleen has a lot of personal experience dealing with PEOPLE, unlike many of our legislators who have experience dealing with oil companies, their cattle, or their crops.

We really do need gender diversity and experience/background diversity when it comes to making decisions for Wyoming. Without it, we'll have noting but crusty old men sitting around making decisions about women's health.

Kathleen faces three Republicans -- the incumbent who doesn't return email or phone calls and is known for throwing great parties at his house, a single-issue social conservative, and a doctor who says he understands health care insurance (from his side of the table).

Kathleen has spent the past several years attending many committee hearings and legislative sessions. She's witnessed the biased decision making process and special interests group running roughshod over our legislators who cater to their needs. It's about time we had a candidate with who is concerned most about representing her constituents -- not a business or social cause!