Monday, June 04, 2012

Meg Lanker-Simons' Cognitive Dissonance gets "Golden Thinkr" honors from ThinkProgress

Laramie blogging pal Meg Lanker-Simons (Cognitive Dissonance) has just been named one of 10 Tumblr Golden Thinkrs by ThinkProgress (see her sardonic visage at bottom left of graphic). Agreed -- Meg's blog is a hoot and filled with cool graphics and digs at wacko conservatives, of which we have many in Wyoming. Meg is off to NN12 in Providence this week where she will earn more fans. Here's the news:
The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! After months (days) of eager anticipation (quiet indifference), ThinkProgress is pleased to award our inaugural Golden Thinkrs to 10 tumblrs that have made us laugh, cry, think, sing, skip and—in one particular moment of weakness—drink heavily.

There are too many unique and worthy voices on Tumblr to cram into one award ceremony, so instead we relied on a complicated, mathematical formula to whittle down our list to what you see here. We did not—repeat, DID NOT—throw darts at a board and choose the first 10 we hit.

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