Friday, June 22, 2012

Campaign season ramps up with gigantic yard signs, Rothfuss on the radio and a Superday candidate invasion

Campaign season is in full swing. In my neighborhood, I've been seeing increasingly larger signs for county commission candidates. C. Bud Racicky talked one homeowner to put a huge sign in his yard but it was partially blocked from northbound Yellowstone Blvd. traffic by an evergreen hedge. Today a guy was cutting down the hedge. So much for planning ahead... and isn't that one thing that county comissioners are charged with, planning?

If you like progressive radio, and you happen to live in the Laramie Valley, do this (says Meg Lanker-Simons):

Tune into 93.5 KOCA tonight, 10 p.m.-1 a.m. and keep your dial locked for fab music + Legit Conservative + d-bag o' the week! Our special guest tonight is Wyo. Sen. Chris Rothfuss from SD 9 in Laramie. Have a question for Sen. Rothfuss? Post it! Taking your requests for songs, dedications & d-bag nods til 8 p.m. See us at Laramie Civic Center, rm #255.
Chris really distinguished himself during the most recent legislative session. We need him back to fight the Right Wing loonies.

And Cheyenne's Superday is tomorrow. It is quite super, with a 5K run, the Tour De Prairie bike race, food trucks, vendor booths, good music and candidates galore. They'll be swarming the place so beware. Of course, you could do a good turn and support one of the local Democrats running for a legislative seat. If you need some campaign literature or assorted nifty giveaways, visit the booth of the Laramie County Democrats/LC Grassroots Democrats. Get your photo taken with (a) President Barack Obama (life-size cardboard replica)! Get a whole album's worth of photos to amaze your Facebook friends -- and infuriate your Republican brother-in-law.

Wonder if the Laramie County Republicans will have a booth and, if they do, will feature a cardboard replica of Mitt Romney. Cardboard cutout and Mitt Romney. Isn't that redundant?

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