Saturday, May 12, 2012

From Blowing in the Wyoming Wind: Are we addicted to negative politics?

Cheyenne's Rodger McDaniel explores how the Twelve Steps can help progressives maintain their sanity during the upcoming presidential battle. Go to...

Blowing in the Wyoming Wind: Are we addicted to negative politics?: According to a recent analysis, 70% of presidential campaign commercials run so far have been negative. It will only get worse. ...

My favorite parts:
With one-tenth of one percent of the electoral votes necessary to elect a president, Wyoming voters are powerless to impact presidential elections. Regardless of whom we support, you and I are powerless to avoid the inevitable. Those measly three electoral votes will go to Romney no matter what you think or how much money or time you contribute. While we are powerless over the outcome, we can control our own sanity. But if we remain addicted and follow the campaign, reacting to the daily negativity of the candidates, their TV ads and surrogates, our lives will become unmanageable.

Regardless of how incensed we become listening to the attacks on our candidate, the only impact will be to our own blood pressure and our relationships with others. The same man (and it will be a man) will win regardless of how crazy it all makes us.
Here's what I plan to do during the election. I will keep a positive attitude, avoid those wacky talking heads on corporate news channels, avoid debates with Republicans over which candidate said which stupid thing, eat well, sleep the sleep of the righteous, exercise, and imagine an Obama second term.

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