Thursday, March 01, 2012

Four years after: Tracking Barack Obama's path through Wyoming in March 2008

Four years ago today, my fellow Dems and I were canvassing the county for Barack Obama, a relatively unknown politician from Chicago.

I'm reminded of this today as I watched Pres. Obama's speech today in NYC in front of some of his supporters. He sounded confident. He looked presidential. And not only in comparison to the clowns running on the Republican side.

In March 2012, I'm going to look back at what was happening in Wyoming four years ago. On March 1, me and my fellow canvassers were looking ahead to to the March 8 Dem caucuses which ended up having record turnouts. We also attended rallies by Hillary Clinton in Cheyenne and an SRO speech by Barack Obama at UW in Laramie on March 7.

So travel with me back to the days when an Obama candidacy was in its infancy. Go to

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