Monday, March 12, 2012

Four years after: March 2008 caucuses bring out endangered toads and grizzled old coots

In my attempt to return to the heady month of March 2008, in which hope was in the air and the Wyoming Democratic Party caucuses were mobbed, I'm reprinting some blog posts. Here's one from four years ago today:
Julianne Couch is a writer in Laramie. Her column about the caucuses appeared in this morning's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle. The Obama-Clinton surge meant a lot to Wyoming "Non-Republicans," whom Julianne likened to "a rare species to toad -- a curiousity that is easily squashed by the heel of a heavy boot when it gets in the way of progress." 
She was happy that the caucuses "took the Wyoming Democrats off the endangered species list, at least temporarily."
Julianne now lives and works in Ames, Iowa. Her move contributed to the thinning of the WY Dem ranks. And the "endangered species" remark seems especially poignant four years later.

The WY Dem caucuses also received national attention from "The Daily Show."
Monday night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart had a great time picking on Wyoming. He noted that there were 59,000 registered Dems in the state. "I have more Democrats in my building," he quipped. If he's in New York, I'm sure he does. Later, Samantha Bee broke down the caucus numbers for us. Supporting Obama were the rugged outdoorsmen, grizzled old coots, ornery drifters and mustache guys. Hillary won over the hearty prospectors and cowardly saloon owners. Jon Stewart asked about gay cowboys, and Samantha Bee said that hadn't been in issue for about a year (remember the hubbub over "Brokeback Mountain?") and that those numbers were no longer tabulated.
And I thought that all of those grizzled old coots supported another grizzled old coot -- John McCain?

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