Friday, March 02, 2012

Birthers rear their ugly heads (again) in Montana Legislature

Some of Montana's Republican legislators are even crazier than the ones we have in Wyoming (from Montana Cowgirl):
One of America’s top TEA Party imbeciles has called for President Obama to prove that he is eligible to be on the Montana ballot, or else have his name removed from it.
Bob Wagner, the Montana state representative who once told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that a person is ineligible to run for president unless both parents were born in America, is back at it again. Reviving Birtherism, Wagner has sent a letter to the Montana Secretary of State (she oversees elections), commanding her to
“prove that Obama is eligible to hold the office he usurped in 2008, or take him off the ballot.”
Wagner believes that Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud; and that even if the certificate were authentic, Obama would still not be a true American citizen because his father impregnated his mother while visiting America.

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