Monday, February 20, 2012

"Punish the poor" bill advances in Wyoming House

Rev. Joe Bair of Douglas has a fine letter in today’s Casper Star-Tribune. It addresses the “punish the poor” bill advanced by the Wyoming House last week. HB 82 stipulates drug-testing for state welfare recipients.
These laws are not really about drug use. Let's call it what it is: picking on the disempowered for the sake of garnering a couple of votes. It's bad public policy, it's cruel, and it's beneath the people of Wyoming.

Right on, Reverend!

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FYI: All of the bill's sponsors are Republicans: Representatives David Miller (Fremont County), Donald Burkhart (Carbon), Kathy Davison (Lincoln/Sublette/Sweetwater), Amy Edmonds (Laramie), Gerald Gay (Natrona), Allen Jaggi (Uinta/Sweetwater), Frank Peasley (Converse/Platte), Lorraine Quarberg (Big Horn/Hot Springs/Park) and Matt Teeters (Goshen/Platte); Senators Kit Jennings (Natrona) and Ray Peterson (Big Horn/Park).

Call hem. Ask them why they want to punish the poor. Get contact info at 


Ken McCauley said...

I knew it wouldn't be long before the whackadoodles made a spectacle of themselves.

So let's set the story straight. Rep. Miller introduced this bill because he says the state needs to look at every expenditure because of the decreasing revenue.

Fact is, this bill targets one specific program that provides assistance to a small group that is paid to work, and the program is 100% funded by a federal block grant. Absolutely zero freaking dollars for this program are from state resources.

Fourteen legislators who supported this bill very vehemently opposed to mandatory breathalyzers for DUI suspects. One in particular (Mr. Peasley) was outspoken enough to say he thought requiring testing was "a pretty intrusive concept."

Last year there were over 6000 DUIs. There are just 350 cases a month for this program and the total income these families receive is less than $600 a month.

Meanwhile, our legislators are receiving that much in just 3 or 4 days between their salary and per diem. If saving revenue is really a concern, and we are concerned someone impaired might be getting a handout while working for the state, I suggest we start providing our legislators with breathalyzer tests before every morning and afternoon session, because clearly these guys are rationally impaired!

Ken McCauley said...

Rep. Bob Brechtel voted AGAINST drug test for drivers who threaten our lives on the road, but voted FOR testing the parents of children on low income trying to get out of poverty.

Joining him in similar votes:
Rep. Buchanan
Rep. Amy Edmonds
Rep. Greer
Rep. Hunt
Rep. Bunky Loucks (DUI & Resisting Arrest in 2008)
Rep. Lubnau
Rep. McOlmie
Rep. Miller
Rep. Patton
Rep. Peasley
Rep. Quarberg
Rep. Semlek
Rep. Wallis
Rep. Dan Zwonitzer