Thursday, February 23, 2012

Action alert: Ask Wyoming Senators to restore crucial HIV/AIDS funding

Wyoming Equality's Joe Corrigan wrote a letter to concerned citizens today about a legislative cut in funding for much-needed HIV/AIDS meds.
Dear Friends,  
Yesterday we learned of a mistake in the Wyoming Health Department Budget regarding funding for HIV/AIDS Treatment.  The error cuts treatment funds by $400,000. If not corrected, it could cost the state matching funds from the Ryan White Care Act Part B.  I am asking you to please take the time today to email your Senator and Representative and ask them to restore these funds. Please prepare your own original email.  You can send your email to as many Senators and Representatives as you like. Please be as polite as possible.   Your letter may make all the difference in the world for the 135 currently people being helped by this program as well as future recipients.  Talking points are listed below.  Shorter letters are appreciated by our elected officials.
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Find your Representative here, and find your Senator here. For a complete list of all Senators and Representatives visit the LSO Website.

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