Saturday, January 07, 2012

The biggest threat to Citizens United may come from Montana

David Sirota interviewed Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock on his radio show this past week:
Last week, while the national press corps was busy pretending the tiny Iowa caucus was the only news in America, a major ruling out of Montana paved the way for a likely U.S. Supreme Court showdown over the role of corporate money in politics. 
In the case, which was spearheaded by the state’s Democratic Attorney General Steve Bullock, Montana’s top court restored Big Sky country’s century-old law banning corporations from directly spending on political candidates or committees. Legal experts believe that upon appeal, this case will come before the nation’s highest court. While there, it could serve as the first test of the precedents in the infamous Citizens United decision that essentially allows unfettered corporate spending in campaigns.
Read the transcript of the interview here: The biggest threat to Citizens United

I'm going to root around on my favorite Montana blogs to see what else I can find on this issue. More later...


larry kurtz said...

Keep an eye on John S. Adams at the Great Falls Tribune.

His twitter name is @TribLowdown.

Best wishes,

Michael Shay said...

Thanks for the tip, Larry. What's your take on this?

larry kurtz said...

I put up a couple of posts hoping to hold AG Bullock's feet to the fire as he runs for governor.

The Supreme Court win can only elevate his stature with our party and with independent voters.

Two of his proteges are running in the Dem AG primary. I am supporting Jesse Laslovich for Montana's attorney general over a more progressive Pam Bucy because he appeals to those same segments of the electorate and is more likely to defeat the Republican in the general.