Saturday, December 03, 2011

Wyoming Rep. Bob Nicholas, R-Cheyenne, arrested by Florida authorities for allegedly beating his disabled son

What can you say about an elected official (anyone, for that matter) who does something like this (as reported in the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle):
State Rep. Bob Nicholas, R-Cheyenne, faces a felony charge of abusing a disabled adult in Florida following a Nov. 23 arrest.

Nicholas, 54, was arrested in Boca Grande, Fla., while on vacation after allegedly punching and kicking his 19-year-old mentally disabled son, according to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office report.

The document indicates that multiple witnesses outside of a restaurant saw Nicholas hit his son repeatedly with a closed fist, push him onto the sidewalk and then kick him more than five times.


Nicholas said his son became disruptive and combative during lunch. He said he was only trying to get his son out of the restaurant, and he described his response as "corporal punishment," according to the sheriff's report.


"I accept I will have to explain my actions," he said. "And if I was too strong with my son, I will address that as well."

Nicholas, who lives in Cheyenne, is an attorney and was elected in 2010 to represent House District 8.

He serves on the Legislature's Joint Judiciary Interim Committee. The biography he provided for his last campaign listed that he has served for more than 10 years as a board member on the Caring for Children Foundation and is a Special Olympics coach.

Nicholas' son lives with him in Cheyenne. He has two other adult-age children.

The legislator said he has no intention of resigning his legislative seat.

"I don’t think I committed a crime, so why would I?" he responded when asked.
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Anonymous said...

FYI: Representative Bob Nicholas voted against SF 132 (2011), a bill regarding strangulation of family members.

Anonymous said...

I sent him a little email this evening.

You can also call him: (307) 634-2994

Begonia said...

Nicholas, for 19 years is a parent of a child of whom he said has "something like autism". . .a father who doesn't even know the condition's name of which his son suffers . . .ends up arrested for beating his own child who he could not be bothered to learn well known techniques to deal with dignity for his own son. Those are some stellar classic GOP family values on violent display.

Nicholas using the recently fired Texas Judge's excuse for beating his handicapped child as "corporal punishment" was probably proffered by Bob due to his lack of being informed that the 'corporal punishment' judge got kicked to the curb by his peers.

Nicholas' political party yet again illustrates his ilk's contempt for their families is equal to the contempt for We the People they scream from roof tops day-after-day.

His good ol' boy 'nay' vote againt protecting victims of domestic violence are a blatant conflict of interest. He didn't even have the ethics to abstain from the bill's vote.

Anonymous said...

I was actually on vacation in Boca and witnessed this entire event. The way he hit and kicked his some was completely disgusting. Women were crying and several people felt the need to throw up from such a violent display. There are ways to handle a situation like that and his reaction was certainly not one of them. I hope this man is locked up because I am afraid of what he may to to do son in private if he reacted this way infront of a large group of people.