Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rep. Gingery's bill proposes much-needed boost in waiver program budget

From the Wyoming Public Media web site:
A Wyoming program that helps the disabled has a long waiting list, but a state bill to be introduced next year could help. 
Jackson representative Keith Gingery (R-Fremont/Teton) is the sponsor of the bill to be introduced during the upcoming legislative session would provide $28 million in state and federal funding for Wyoming's Home and Community Based Waiver Program. The waiver program provides services for people with disabilities. More than 450 people in Wyoming are waiting for adult, child or brain-injury waivers. 
Wyoming expects to spend about $214 million on the waivers over the next two fiscal years, with about half the cost paid with federal dollars. But Gingery said that the funding isn't enough to meet existing demand for the waivers.
This program provides much-needed support to those families challenged with long-term medical care that is usually only partially covered by insurance – if that family is insured at all. Guidelines of the waiver program are outlined here.

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