Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rep. Cynthia Lummis, member-in-good-standing of the 1%, votes to raise taxes on middle-class Wyomingites

This press release comes from Jane Ifland, communications director of the Wyoming Democratic Party:
Today, on the heels of yesterday’s blatantly partisan vote by Republicans in the House to raise taxes on 160 million Americans in the middle of the holiday season, Chuck Herz, Chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party, released the following statement: 
“Cynthia Lummis ought to be ashamed of herself. Her refusal to cooperate with anyone —including the Senate leadership of her own party— puts her in the ranks of the rankest extremists of her party. That’s bad for Wyoming people in and of itself. 
But worse is the fact that her uncooperative attitude will hit Wyoming middle class families where it hurts the most this holiday season: right in the wallet.” (The failure of Rep. Lummis and her fellow extremist House members to cooperate with the rest of our leadership will cost the average Wyoming wage earner more than $1,600 in actual cash next year.) 
“If you want to look from worse to worse yet,” Herz continued, “you can see that this incomprehensible disregard for the well-being of the middle class of Wyoming and America carries right up through the GOP leadership – if you can call it that – to the ineffectual John Boehner and the clueless Mitt Romney. 
Romney, in particular, has repeatedly dismissed the payroll tax cut as a ‘little Band-Aid’ – reluctantly supporting an extension only after he realized the public overwhelmingly supported it. These tax cuts make a real difference to middle class families. Failing to extend them is bad for our people, bad for our state, bad for our country.”

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