Monday, December 12, 2011

New web resources for Occupy Wyoming and Occupy Cheyenne

Occupy Wall Street/Wyoming, USA, is a new "resource aggregation" blog. It's carrying some handy statewide news about the Occupy movement. Go to its post featuring links at

The fact that comments are hidden on the new site is a good thing. Right-wing trolls are beginning to pop up on the Occupy Cheyenne Facebook page and photo posts by members. Trolls are not impossible to banish but those who don't understand their insidious little games let them hitchhike on their status updates.

It's tough to keep calm in the face of stupid. But I try.

On the other hand, Occupiers can't be too defensive. One intriguing aspect of Occupy is that you never know who's going to show up for gatherings. A young guy at the open mic Saturday said he didn't agree with most of what had been said but he did agree that a dangerous alliance had developed between big money and elected government. I don't have a photo of his sign but the header was "I am" and then there were three checkboxes below that: Democrat, Republican, Pissed Off. There was a checkmark in the "Pissed Off" box. A life-long Dem, I am more likely these days to check off that same box.

I've been snarky with those who blast Occupy Cheyenne. A better strategy is to nod and smile and move on. I'll try to keep that in mind.

Note that there's also a new web site for Occupy Cheyenne. Check it out. It just got started so we're trying to keep up. Keep posted...

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