Saturday, December 24, 2011

My vote for 2011's best radio show in WY -- Cognitive Dissonance on KOCA-FM every Friday night

Meg and Cameron counted down the year's top 25 songs the past two weeks on Meg Lanker-Simons' Friday night Cognitive Dissonance radio show on KOCA-FM out of Laramie. In case you live out of broadcast range (as I do), read the lists at the Cognitive Dissonance Tumblr site and go find the tunes in other places. Listen to the show every Friday night, 10 p.m.-1 a.m. at 93.5 on your radio dial if you can. Friends who live west of Cheyenne's F.E. Warren AFB and east of the summit say they can get it. Maybe I just need to get in my car every Friday night and drive Happy Jack Road until it appears on my Ford Fusion's radio. The show offers a great mix of progressive music and politics. I've even been on the show. I'm not in the groove, music-wise, but I am progressive, politics-wise. Happy New Year, Meg! Keep the talk and the music coming!

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