Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gov. Matt Mead on budget: State does not need to hurry budget cuts

WY Gov. Matt Mead
Agree with Gov. Mead (and not Know Nothing Republican JAC Chairman Sen. Phil Nicholas) on this one (from Wyoming Public Radio):
Governor Matt Mead presented his budget to the Joint Appropriations Committee and re-asserted his position that the state does not need to hurry to cut budgets. 
Senate JAC Chairman Phil Nicholas has suggested cuts of five to eight percent are needed, so that the state can start setting aside money for future needs.  Governor Mead says they should decide what government services are critical and determine what money the state would need to fund those services. 
"We should decide how much government is needed based on the needs of the citizens of Wyoming, the needs of local government, and try to do a forecasting that is appropriate along with the CREG report,” Mead said. 
Nicholas says projecting future budget costs along with future revenues is probably the best way to build a budget. Nicholas says they need to proceed with the assumption that the Legislature will not agree to a tax increase. 

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