Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beautiful day for "We are the 99%" rally in Cheyenne

Union members at Occupy Cheyenne
Railroaders, electricians, state employees, teachers, construction workers, students, artists, a contingent from Occupy Fort Collins, retirees and at least one minister gathered together for the "We are the 99%" rally today in Cheyenne. That minister, Rodger McDaniel, delivered a heartfelt speech in which he urged us all to get much more involved in the political process. He was especially tough on his fellow Baby Boomers, asking us to to get back into the public arena so we don't leave a wasteland for our children and grandchildren.
Rev. Rodger McDaniel addresses Occupy Cheyenne rally
Kim Floyd was there, representing the 18,000 AFL-CIO members in Wyoming. He was adamant that we need to work together to oust the 24 Tea Party legislators that found their way into the Wyoming State Legislature during the 2010 elections. They will be back for the 2012 session, and we need to make sure that this is their last legislative outing, said Floyd.

Occupy Cheyenne protesters with Chief Washakie statue in the background
Local artist Forrest King read the newly-minted proclamation drafted by Occupy Cheyenne over the course of painstaking GA gatherings during the past month. A number of attendees spoke truth to power, telling their own stories about their involvement in Occupy Cheyenne. Erin Madson was one of them.
Occupy Cheyenne family photo on the steps of the Wyoming State Capitol
Following the Capitol steps gathering, we walked down Capitol Ave. to the Depot Plaza. We sang songs and carried signs. Activist and physician Jason Bloomberg led the procession, bearing one of Cheyenne's biggest American flags. There were 50 of us by the time we got to the Depot Plaza (rampaging wolves claimed several of our number). We did call-and-response chants across 16th Street, urging motorists to "honk if you're the 99%." Much honking ensued. Becky Orr from the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle interviewed several of us. We have fun when we gather together. We ended the day with a walk along Central Avenue back to the State Capitol steps.
Taking it to the streets at Occupy Cheyenne
It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people.

Keep posted. You will be hearing a lot more from Occupy Cheyenne.

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