Sunday, December 18, 2011

Arts Alliance of Cheyenne considering merger with Cheyenne Arts Council

During most of my 20 years in Cheyenne, there was no arts council. Suddenly, mushroom-like, two arts organizations sprouted out of the rocky soil of southeast Wyoming. Not really a surprise, really, since quite a bit of fertilizer (organic and inorganic) had been applied over the years. Are you growing tired of this aggie metaphor? I am. Anyway, there now is an effort by the Arts Alliance of Cheyenne to merge with the Cheyenne Arts Council. This is good news as it should bring a better focus to arts events in Cheyenne and around Laramie County. It should also boost fund-raising and grant-writing efforts. Who knows, the oomph associated with this collaboration may help achieve an arts-centric solution to The Big Hole in downtown Cheyenne. To get the merger details, visit the Arts Alliance of Cheyenne site or go to this link on the Wyoming Arts Council site.

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