Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Cheyenne 11/21 General Assembly: Cold toes, warm hearts

Cool hand-crafted signs from Oct. 15 Occupy Cheyenne
I attended the second General Assembly for Occupy Cheyenne last night. We met outside in the parking lot of a city park. Temp hovered around freezing but thankfully the wind was not blowing. By the light of of city lamps and T's flashlight, we spoke about next steps. The next march will be held on Saturday, Dec. 10, noon-3 p.m. We'll assemble at the Wyoming State Capitol Building (we'll get a state permit!). There will be speakers and then we will follow the sidewalks down to Depot Plaza. There we will wave signs, shout catchy slogans and urge passing holiday shoppers to consider their roles in the 99%.

Those at last night's GA were of many ages and backgrounds. College students, state workers, a retired Air Force pilot, an economist, a welder, a graphic designer, an attorney, a social worker, an unemployed young person, etc. We were all out there in the cold to plan future events and to craft our message. Everyone seems to want a focused message from the Occupy Movement. At least that's what TV talking heads seem to want. Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich wants us to take baths (baths? -- he must be living in one of his historical novels). Not sure what Newt's obsession with cleanliness is -- probably a metaphor for his need to cleanse his filthy soul.

To craft that message, we are meeting at noon on Saturday, Nov. 26, at the UU Church. We'll be working from the document drafted by Occupy DC. Needs to be Wyo-customized, as we have many issues within our state that need to be addressed. At the same time, we'll be customizing a Powerpoint presentation that was made during the recent teach-ins at the library and the UU Church. I joke about having a coherent message (see above). However, it is important. One of the first questions we all get is something along these lines: "What is Occupy (or the 99%) anyway?" A very good questions, and we hope to bring some clarity to that on Saturday.

More info will be forthcoming. Join is for the next Occupy Cheyenne march on Dec. 10. The Wyoming AFL/CIO has agreed to take part. We especially urge teachers to attend, as they no doubt will be under attack again in the upcoming legislature. Bring your signs. Bring your friends. I am inviting my fellow workers, whether they be part of the Wyoming Public Employees Association or not. I am inviting all of my fellow writers. Come on down! And shop locally while you're downtown.

In the meantime, go to the Occupy Cheyenne Facebook page and join in the conversation.

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