Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Felicia Follum wants to introduce you to Works of Wyoming (WOW)

Felicia Follum, Works of Wyoming

Wherever you may be in your arts career, sound marketing advice is crucial. Artrepreneurs in Wyoming may want to get to know Works of Wyoming in Laramie. Drop in and see the WOW Gallery and gift shop during the holiday season. It's located on the second floor of the Laramie Plains Civic Center, which has become action central for the local arts scene. 
Fellow artists, family and friends. I would like to introduce you to Works of Wyoming. I am currently the AmeriCorps intern working primarily on social media marketing as well as working in the gallery space and gift shop. (Last year I worked as the Graphic Design Intern for WOW and the WWBC. You can see my blog for that here.)
As the social media marketing person (I would love to say coordinator, though I do not officially have a title) I have been posting some marketing tips on the WOW blog. My current goal is to post every week on either Tuesday or Thursday and sometimes both. In addition to weekly social media marketing tips, there are basic professional development tips for artists, some fun projects and of course announcements for our workshops and shows. 
It would make my day if you would check out the blog and share it with your friends, especially artists and small business owners who could benefit from our services.  In addition to sharing the blog with people, I would also love to have more examples to post. If you would like to have your social media site, plans, or strategies in the blog, please comment below or contact me on the WOW Facebook page. If you would like to contact me through WOW feel free. Phone number is 307.742.6574 and the email address is 
If you are not from Wyoming and would like help with your social media comment below for more info. If you are from WY and not a part of WOW, you should look into becoming a member. 
Contact WOWWOW Blog or WOW Facebook or 307.742.6574 
Personal: Art Facebook Page (I don't add people I don't know in real life to my personal page, so be sure to go to FeliciaFollumDesign not FeliciaFollum. Thanks!)
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Felicia Follum said...


Thanks a bunch for reposting this. I was quite excited when I found it. I think WOW has some great services to offer and spreading the word is important. I alsoenjoyed knowing that you read my blog.

Since I did not include a link to my blog (in my blog post :) I would like to leave that here as well

Thanks again Mike!