Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dem Chair Chuck Herz comments on "ideologically extreme" and "politically rigid" Sen. John Barrasso

We don't need what this doctor is prescribing
Wyoming Democratic Party Chairman Chuck Herz was quoted in a Nov. 25 article about Right-wing Republican Wonder Boy (and Fox favorite) Dr./Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming:
Chuck Herz, chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party, said Barrasso is ideologically "extreme," politically rigid and unscrupulous in what he says on political issues.

"He represents a political culture that I believe is very destructive in America right now, and destructive in Wyoming as well, and is just plain wrong," Herz said Friday. "I believe what he represents is doing great evil in the country. Hurting people.”
Way to go, Chuck. You may also recall that Dr./Sen. Barrasso was one of the speakers at the Koch Bros.-sponsored Tea Party Express rally in Cheyenne earlier this year. Rigid and extreme, indeed.

Read the article at http://www.necn.com/11/25/11/Wyoming-senator-gains-political-stature-/landing_health.html?&apID=f0ad322618f3458fa1d0b1ad38b765c2

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