Friday, October 07, 2011

"Occupy Casper" at noon Saturday across from the Dick Cheney Federal Building

Pamela RW Kandt announces Occupy Casper on Saturday, Oct. 8, noon-1 p.m., in Pioneer Park, Center & B streets, across from the Dick Cheney Federal Building in Casper, WY.
From Pamela:
Let's stand together and say "No More!" to greed, corruption, inequality, poverty -- politicians no longer work on our behalf or care about our well-being. We are the 99% of Americans stuck with the bill for corporate bailouts, economic shenanigans and bad government. We're old & young, middle class & poor, straight & gay, graduates & dropouts, conservatives & liberals. We are America and we deserve better!

These peaceful gatherings are flowering rapidly across the nation because people are overwhelmingly unhappy with what's happening in this country. Join us on Saturday to share your frustration and express your support for the 99%. Bring signs, kids, family, friends and neighbors. We're all in this together! 
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