Thursday, October 27, 2011

Impromptu sculpture marks site of Oakland chaos

Who says that public art has to be planned? From the Oakland Tribune blogs: What's really attracting attention is a stack of cyclone fence, the remnants of a barrier that had been erected around the lawn area but was torn down by protesters. The stack of fencing resembles a sculpture and many people are walking up to take pictures of it. A police officer just went over to snap a shot as well. In photo, City of Oakland worker Norman Hall looks for tent stakes in the ground at Frank Ogawa Plaza at the site of the Occupy Oakland movement in downtown Oakland, Calif. (Kristopher Skinner photo).


Anonymous said...


Its a house of cards.


Michael Shay said...

House of cards? I like that. A house of cards comes tumbling down with the least little motion. Seems as if the City of Oakland's approach to free speech fits this description.