Sunday, October 16, 2011

From Salon: Occupy Wall Street: Poster smackdown

Newark Star-Ledger art critic Dan Bischoff rates some of the best-known of the Occupy Wall Street posters on Salon. Bischoff is the former national political editor for the Village Voice and a blogger for The Nation. See a slide show with commentary at Occupy Wall Street: Poster smackdown. The one pictured above is his favorite for these reasons:
Bischoff says that this poster -- his favorite -- is successful in conveying the fact that "this is a uniquely male crisis, with a female response." The influence and involvement of female protesters in the OWS movement, he says, is "inconceivable in Vietnam or any other protest period"; "it's not that there are more women, but that they're equals of the men," he adds. "[And that] complicates the control problem for the police."

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