Friday, September 30, 2011

It's important to "Step Up for Kids" in October in Wyoming

With Wyoming Tea Party Republican legislators refusing to step up for our children on so many issues – early childhood education, health care, mental health issues, daycare standards, juvenile justice, poverty rates -- it's more important than ever to "Step Up for Kids."

That's what a lot of us will be doing across Wyoming in October. Sponsored by Wyoming Children's Action Alliance.

Here's the rundown:

The fourth annual Step Up for Kids Week is taking place throughout the communities and
counties of Wyoming the week of October 8-15. The purpose of these events is to
bring hundreds of people together to raise awareness of all children’s issues and the need
for investment in children in our local communities, our state and our nation.

These are dates and activities across the state.

October 9-13 - GILLETTE
A series of advertisements/articles will run in the Gillette paper. Articles will focus on children’s issues and parenting tips.

October 11th  CASPER:  “Kids:  A Long Term Investment”
First Interstate Plaza – Corner of First and Center Streets

10:30 a.m. Two booths, one on health care, staffed by Barb Rea; one with materials about the value of quality child care, developed and staffed by Dianna Webb and Deb Nelson.

11:30 – Refreshments available.
Noon – Program begins. Program Emcee Heidi Dickerson welcomes crowd, notes theme, and introduces mayor or other city representative.

·     Proclamation read by Mayor/City Council Members
·     Students from Woods Elementary introduce former State Representative Ann Robinson. Ann speaks about opportunity for Wyoming Legislature to invest in children
·     Students from Woods Elementary introduce Parent Pam McMichaelPam speaks about value of investing in Head Start
·     Student from Woods Elementary introduces Jackie Brown or Chelsea DiPaoloChelsea speaks about Gear Up
·    Woods student introduces B&G Youth of the Year - Youth of Year introduces B&G Club staffer who was a critical mentor - B&G Club staffer (yet to be identified) talks about working w/YOY and long-term commitment to kids
·    Woods student introduces Bethany Cutts - Cutts talks about the importance of early childhood development and the importance of high quality care to all children, whether in public or private programs or care centers; calls for state investment in quality care.

October 11th - RAWLINS
Carbon County Higher Education Main Campus, 705 Rodeo – Classroom #1

5:30 – 7:00 pm Family information booths
7:00-8:30  p.m.  Linda Burt-Director of Wyoming ACLU
                                Juvenile Justice in Wyoming

Evanston Child Development Center:
March For Kids
Our Children will walk/parade to our local government buildings/courthouse. There we will have a guest speaker (tent. Mayor Joy Bell). This event will be advertised in our Center Newsletters and Local Newspaper. Children will then parade back to the Center for a bbq. During the month of October we plan to have flyers and information available for parents on child growth and development, etc.

October 14th - The Children's Learning Foundation:
March For Kids
Same idea as ECDC

Saturday, October 15th - CHEYENNE
Lions Park Community House
10 am - 12 noon
Fun Activities For Kids & Community Resource
Information For Parents!

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